Saturday, January 7, 2017

We're starting the 6th day of January off with a soft snow, pretty but not really my cup of tea. I have always been and remain a "hot house flower" although I do think it's beautiful and I ventured out to take a few pictures. It's not like it's very much snow and next week it will have melted off so I am enjoying the beauty of it even if the temps are way too low for my tastes! HamBone is robust enough this year to scamper around and make his presence known by leaving his big paw prints everywhere. All the other smaller furbabies are napping inside.

The stone chair above is still one of my favorite things. What a beautiful snowy throne it makes!

 Seize the Day!!!
This is one of the fairy houses, they're scattered all around. You can see HamBone playing in the background. 

Honey's doors. Honey is another one of our rescue dogs and she loves to sit under these doors.

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